$50 Veg Box + Apples

Basic’s Included:

1x Lettuce

1x Sweet Potato

1x Red Capsicum

1x Spring Onion

1kg Carrot

1x Silverbeet

2.5 kg Potato

1x Celery

6x Tomatoes

2x Broccoli

5x Onion (Brown)

1 bulb Garlic

2x Zucchinis 

2kg Mixed Apples

+ More Seasonal Produce

The box pictured is for illustration purposes and may contain different/varying products based on seasonal availability and market fluctuation.


Our fruit and vegetable boxes are filled to the brim with farm fresh goodness.  Contents will forever change due to current market availability and seasonal changes.  If you have any preferences, please include your request in the comments box on checkout.  We will do our best to accomodate if stock is available.

$6.00 Whole

$3.00 per kilo

$0.80 each

$2.80 each


$6.00 whole

$5.00 300g punnet

$3.00 each

$5.00 each

$4.00 per kilo

$3.50 per kilo

$2.00 per bulb

$16.00 per kilo

$10.00 per kilo

$3.00 (approx. 600-700g)

$5.00 per 2.5 kg

$2.50 each



$5.00 bunch

$3.00 per kilo

$4.00 per kilo


$3.00 per kilo


$2.00 per bunch

$5.00 each

$1.00 each


$5.00 each

Happiness Guarantee

Our happiness guarantee ensures that we will do what it takes for you to be satisfied with your fruit and vegetable order.  It is important to remember that fruit and vegetables are a perishable, natural product that will react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather conditions. Nonetheless, we will replace, issue a store credit for the replaced item and apply a  5% discount on your next order.

Your happiness and satisfaction is our priority!

Thank-you for supporting local.

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