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Satisfy your thirst and boost your hydration with these 'Drinking Coconuts'. Bursting with natural electrolytes and potassium, these coconuts are the perfect way to replenish and rehydrate after a workout or a day in the sun without additional sugar.  Order today and experience the pure, unadulterated goodness of premium drinking coconuts.

Drinking Coconut


    Fruit & Vegetable Disclaimer:

    1. The pictures on this site are for illustration purposes ​and may contain different/varying products based on seasonal availability and market fluctuation.

    2. Fruit and vegetables are natural perishable products that will react to their immediate environment, indoor and outdoor weather conditions.  If the product you receive is not what you expected, you will be issued with either: 

    • Store credit to the value of the item

    • Replace the item

    •  5% discount on your next order


        For further details, please refer to our T&C's page

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