Seasonal Eating

In contrast to stored or imported foods, seasonal eating encourages us to consume fruits and vegetables at their peak, as opposed to all year round.  There are many benefits to be gained from local seasonal eating.  One of the main benefits is sustainability, which helps our health, environment and our local farming system continue in the future

Other and equally important benefits include better nutritional value as local seasonal fruits and vegetables is much higher due to their freshness and lack of storage!

The cost-effectiveness of eating locally purchased seasonal produce is due to the fact that there are no additional transportation and storage costs involved. In addition, most of the fresh produce should last significantly longer, so there is less spoilage and waste.  

NB: Seasonal fruit and vegetables vary by region,  so it is always good to ask your local farmer what is available and fresh in season.  The table below provides a broad idea of what is available seasonally around Australia.