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Our fruit and vegetable articles are designed to help you use up all your fresh fruit and vegetables, save money, and limit waste. 

Here are five sections filled with articles that will pique your interest and expand your knowledge of fruits and vegetables. 

Fruit and Vegetables 101

Fruit and Vegetable 101 is a brief guide to fresh produce. In this section, you will find articles that provide some insight into the fruit or vegetable, how to store them, how to prepare them, as well as pairings and recipe ideas.


In this section, you will find articles explaining how to store, freeze, and dehydrate your excess fruit and vegetables.  You will also find so many other great tips that we have put together for you!


This section provides reference guides for you to download and use whenever you wish to get creative with your fresh fruit and vegetables from Martelli Orchards!

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Fruit and vegetables that are in season taste better, cost less and last longer. Thi section contains a list of the best fruit and vegetables for each season.

Fruit and vegetables have more benefits and uses than you think.  Here you will find articles and tips to support your health and beauty regime.